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Education is one pillar of a person's development toward future achievement.

Keep Metro strong in our community.

Vote Jon Tucker for Metro Community College Board of Governors.

Did you know?

The Board of Governors oversees an annual budget of $234 Million.

More about Jon

Jon Tucker is a husband and father of four children. He grew up in Elkhorn and has lived in the Omaha area all his life. He attended UNL and earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration at UNO in 1991. His wife Joan works as a Speech Language Pathologist at Oakdale Elementary in the Westside Community Schools. Jon works for a multi-national technology corporation as an Enterprise Architect in their sales organization. Jon’s oldest children both graduated from Metropolitan Community College and have gone on to UNO for their bachelor’s degree.

Metro is an important pillar of the four counties it serves. Jon’s children were able to use the CollegeNOW! program during their high school years. This immediately gave them college credit that eventually transferred to UNO. For parents, this welcomes a significant reduction in the cost of tuition.

Keeping the costs of college within more people’s means is one of Jon’s priorities for Metro. Historically, tuition at most higher education systems increase 7% per year. For families, this means a doubling of college tuition every 10 years. Metro relies on property taxes to help reduce the cost of tuition for our residents. Administrators need to balance the concentrated benefits with dispersed costs for enrolled students and the community.

Jon looks to use his business background along with his 25 years working in technology to ensure that Metro continues to be successful and that its students can be successful in their careers. Having a strong educational and training system here in our community makes our local business stronger by attracting talented individuals.

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